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You can search for new songs in different styles.Listen to it and print it for free with Scorch plug-in.There is a drinking song (Molière),arrangements of a Christmassong and folksongs with piano or orchestra,a new National Anthem for the Netherlands,an opera with orchestra.Regular new works!
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Choral Music - Get Note Perfect - Learn your notes the easy way
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This site contains public domain choral music material available for free download. Site is just started but new files are added every day/week. A small free software to help you in checking your intonation (or to tune your instrument) is also available: by using it you will see the spectral analysis and the dominant frequency of what you are singing/playing
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Over 60 free scores for a capella women's choir (SA to SSSAA) in Sibelius and Midi format (tutti and per voice for rehearsal). Mostly renaissance and early baroque, a little classical music. The scores are printable, and everything can also be downloaded as a PDF file.
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Private voice lessons specializing in advanced vocal technique, operatic training, performance skills, stage presence and many other professional skills for all singers.
(Hits: 241 Votes: 1 Rating: 1.00 ) Download choir/vocal sheet music from prominent publishers and famous performing artists. Musicians' communities and Artist Collections. A wide range of free sheet music titles available. A variety of genres with focus on classical sheet music. Extensive unique content and additional information on composers and arrangers, personal notes, fingerings, articles etc.
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Learn how to sing like a professional singer with online singing lessons here.
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"Stephen's works have been performed and commissioned by leading Australian and overseas groups including various orchestras, Duo Contemporain, Octomania, The Seymour Group, Synergy and The Song Company. Many of his vocal works are settings of text written by New York artist Leon Waller. " Offers free scores under a Creative Commons License.
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Sacred choral pieces in Scorch and .PDF format.
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New location of the Choral Public Domain Library
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An archive of free choral music -- over 2,800 scores available!
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Original choral compositions with FREE downloads; plus UK concert listings, useful links and online music shopping
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Songs for Choir and Congregation -- PDF & MP3 -- Unison, SAB, SATB. Songs for Choir and Congregation -- Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs.
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3 CD's offered. Learn To Sing Voice Building CD. Lullabies and Childrens Music CD. Inspirational & Christian Music CD Contact #559-347-8395
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Free vocal music, choral, digital music files and printable sheet music. Career support for singers, vocal teachers and vocal students.
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A collection of free vocal sheet music in PDF format. Includes lieder, music from operas and oratorios, and more. Information is included on vocal range, key, and text author for each piece.
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Articles on good vocal production including use of the breath, relaxation on the swallowing muscles, qualities to look for in voice teachers and so much more.
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Resources for singers of all styles at all stages
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Here you will find original compositions and arrangements of hymns, both choral and instrumental. Most are of sacred nature and appropriate for church meetings.
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