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digital sheet music hardgoods (music books)

A traditional and folk music archive of songbooks, tune-books, sheet-music, lyrics, midis, tablature, plus music reference, chord diagrams, scales and other music educational & reference materials. Inc bluegrass & Oldtimey
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A national treasure hosted by Brown University. "This collection consists of 1,305 pieces of African-American sheet music dating from 1850 through 1920. The collection includes many songs from the heyday of antebellum black face minstrelsy in the 1850s and from the abolitionist movement of the same period."
(Hits: 5043 Votes: 6 Rating: 4.67 )
Loads of information and sheet music for the Oud -- kind of an Arab lute. Lots of Arab and Turkish sheet music.
(Hits: 2601 Votes: 6 Rating: 7.00 )
All Tabs Music Tablature provides a free source of music tablatures and midi sound files for 5-string banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, bass, tenor banjo, dobro, and dulcimer. There are no membership requirements, and all downloads are free.
(Hits: 15224 Votes: 20 Rating: 4.40 )
A really fun site, neat commentary, kind of like a witty blog with lots of uke songs and charts.
(Hits: 868 Votes: 1 Rating: 10.00 )
More than 100 fife tunes in ABC format from American colonial and Civil war times.
(Hits: 4523 Votes: 10 Rating: 3.59 )
You can search for arrangements of folksongs in different styles and instrumental combinations. Listen to it in Midi and MP3 and print it for free with Scorch plug-in. I've written a new National Anthem for the Netherlands, a Russian tango,a Christmassong,a Drinking song,an orchestral arrangement of Simi Jadech etc. Regular new works!
(Hits: 4521 Votes: 4 Rating: 8.50 )
Music Talk - asia music forum. Have you found a fantastic new album Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean? Know of a great-but-unknown group coming through ATL? Tell us about it! ...
(Hits: 806 Votes: 0 Rating: 0 )
I bet you don't know what "WongaWilli" style sounds like! Some neat Bush Tunes. "The aim of the Wongawilli Band & Wongawilli Colonial Dance Club Inc. is to preserve, promote and perform Australia's tradition and heritage of music, song, dance, poetry and yarnspinning."
(Hits: 3247 Votes: 6 Rating: 5.50 )
From Autoharp sensei, Marc Gunn!
(Hits: 52 Votes: 0 Rating: 0 )
Cool! I play a balalaika and it sure is difficult to find pertinent resources on the internet -- so I was really glad to find this site! Many free pieces, solos, exercises, and balalaika information. Also payfer stuff -- great resource!
(Hits: 499 Votes: 0 Rating: 0 )
Free sheets and midi files of Italian folk and popular music.
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From here, you can join a banjo tab list and/or a discussion list. Click the buttons to the Main menu, and you'll find several selections of banjo tabs -- including licks, runs, and other goodies.
(Hits: 5895 Votes: 10 Rating: 6.90 )
Free gospel banjo tablature with streamed audio samples provided by Walkin' on Water Records. Tabs for beginner, intermediate and advanced players are in pdf format for easy download and each song is played note for note in the streamed audio sample.
(Hits: 245 Votes: 2 Rating: 9.50 )
Welcome to Layne Publications, the largest directory of Paid and Free Banjo Tabs, Mandolin Tab and Bluegrass Fiddle, Dobro, Dulcimer and Bluegrass Jam Lessons Online. No matter your skill level you’ll find the bluegrass tabs you’re looking for here!
(Hits: 131 Votes: 0 Rating: 0 )
You might recognize Bill Palmer (webmaster) as Merlin the magician for 25 years at the Texas Renaissance Festival. He's also a musician with a cool banjo page with a good section on banjo setups.
(Hits: 898 Votes: 1 Rating: 2.00 )
From the University of Oxford: "The Bodleian Library has unparalleled holdings of over 30,000 ballads in several major collections. The original printed materials range from the 16th- to the 20th-Century. The Broadside Ballads project makes the digitised copies of the sheets and ballads available to the research community."
(Hits: 1539 Votes: 2 Rating: 5.50 )
A nice collection of Italian folk music jpg files!
(Hits: 2231 Votes: 3 Rating: 9.33 )
The free Celtic music scores website - standard notation, abc, and midi scores for Accordion, Bombard, Bagpipe, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Fiddle, and others.
(Hits: 2254 Votes: 1 Rating: 10.00 )
Bulgarian Folk Sheet Music. An online catalog of PDFs including Bulgarias most popular folk sheet music. Free Samples available for every piece!
(Hits: 2211 Votes: 3 Rating: 7.33 )
Deep Down Productions has the best world music from folk traditions around the globe. From Armenia to Mongolia, from Brazil to the Balkans, From New England Fiddle to Gamelan and the Bulgarian Kaval, we have it all! DDP offers on-line CD sales recordings services, music production,and digital editing.
(Hits: 1744 Votes: 5 Rating: 8.80 )
Autoharp and mountain dulcimer music from this folk group. Find tab for dulcimer and autoharp as well as MIDI's of the tunes.
(Hits: 2220 Votes: 3 Rating: 6.33 )
Website for the magazine for hammered dulcimer and mountain dulcimer folk. Many articles from past issues online.
(Hits: 1343 Votes: 2 Rating: 5.00 )
Sitio para el intercambio de partituras de musica tradicional y popular. Hay además 400 partituras en PDF de repertorio de gaita Navarra listas para bajar.
(Hits: 2323 Votes: 8 Rating: 8.13 )
Partituras de musica peruana. Musical scores of folk peruvian music
(Hits: 1525 Votes: 5 Rating: 7.60 )

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